Top 30 Anger Management Activities that Will Help You 

Anger Management Activities

Fury, wrath, rage — call it what you may, anger is a strong emotion. It is unfortunately quite an unhelpful one.

A natural human experience, anger is however sometimes justifiable. You could have valid reasons to feel hurt by or get mad at someone who said or did something wrong. Similarly, an undesirable situation at work or home may leave you frustrated. No matter what, untamed anger can turn to be a thorn in your personal or career relationship, and even your health.

Fortunately, there are lots of activities you can engage to help manage your anger before and when the experience strikes.

Anger Management Activities

Understanding Anger 

Anger expresses in various forms. While some people get angry often, or cannot quit dwelling on something that frustrated them, others get worked up less frequently. For the latter, however, the emotion is typically more explosive when it comes.

Whatever the shape, anger is an enemy of emotional and also physical fitness if left unchecked. Research has it that anger (and hostility) can increase your chances to develop heart and body sugar complications, and exacerbate those with pre-existing ill-health. Other effects are stress-related conditions like digestive inconsistency, headaches and insomnia. We all need to engage practical anger management activities.

It is also a leading contributor to risky and violent behaviors, among these drug abuse and physical confrontations. For instance, it is known to damage friendships, family relationships and other types of relations.

Anger Management Activities 

Anger can be triggered by both internal and external factors. For example, you may feel mad at someone close to you, an entity such as your employer company or learning institution, or event like political election or traffic jam. Regardless of the cause, you shouldn’t let your anger overwhelm you. To that regard, read through the following 30 best anger management activities that will help you.

1. Sleep 

Sleep is a naturally integral part of life and getting quality sleep helps alleviate many mental, physical, and emotional problems, anger included. Sleep allows the body and mind to rest, rebuilding strained cells and neural pathways. Everyone feels better after a 5 to 7-hour night rest.

2. Perform Yogic Twists

 Doing yoga asanas for 10 to 15 minutes helps alleviate body tension and mental restlessness. This is vital in anger management. Begin with the Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar). Yoga asanas have breathing patterns synchronized with the suitable physical moves for a better relaxing experience.

3. Take a Break

 If you feel building anger, detach yourself from the current situation or place for a short time. Engage something different—a brisk walk or some relaxation techniques. When you return with a cooler mind, you are likely to go on better.

4. Plan Difficult Conversations

When you fear about engaging in a conversation that may make you angry, don’t let it corner you first. Prepare notes beforehand to plan the right thing to say assertively yet calmly. Notes will protect you from getting side-tracked.

5. Meditation 

Meditation is among the most appreciable anger management activities. It helps in sustaining a balanced, calm state of your mind. Meditating for about 20 minutes is enough for the rest of the day. Even if you get angry, you return to calm faster, more easily.

6. Exercise

Physical activity is not only for muscle fitness and good body shape. It also helps in stress reduction, consequently alleviating chances of getting anger penetration. Fight back anger by going for a jog or some other physical activity you enjoy.

7. Engage Humor

Despite the temptation accompanying anger, resist talking sarcastically and instead try some humor in your conversations. Laughing works mysteriously to push away resentment from your heart and lift your mood. But be cautious not to be misunderstood.

8. Modify Your Environment

Although it’s hard to control everything in life, you can do some things to avoid unnecessary embarrassments. Study your daily routine to identify the people, places, activities, or moments that mostly annoy you. Purge or limit them out of your circles.

9. Pranayama

Pranayamas like Nadi Shodhan and Bhastrika help make your mind your best friend by reducing restlessness. With a calm and quiet mind, you cannot get easily agitated or angry. However, ensure you learn from an expert teacher.

10. Eat Healthy

The food we eat affects our minds and emotions. Some foods cause tension and restlessness in the body and mind. To stay away from unexplained anger, avoid such foods. Examples are mainly oily and spicy foods and non-veggies.

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11. Deep, Slow Breaths

Deep and long breathing in and out does provide instant relieve from anger. If angry, close the eyes and perform several deep breaths slowly. This activity will help you release the heat and calm your mind down.

12. Listen to Favorite Music

Music has its own way of influencing your inner person. It is an effective soul pacifier. When angry, you can count on your favorite tracks for your healing. Especially when the message in the music resonates with your situation, you are good to go.

13. Read a Book

Do not just read any book when you are angry. Read a good book. Choose some title whose story characters and setting you love. This will steal your mind from the frustration and before you know it, you are no longer angry.

14. Express Yourself 

Expressing your anger can go either way, but if you want to heal, call someone you trust—your aggressor, relative, friend, or counselor—and calmly tell them what you feel. Commonly known as catharsis, it helps vent anger.

15. Appreciate Somebody

It isn’t a must to go telling people about your emotional wounds. You can heal your angers by doing something good to others, such as telling them how smart they are, telling someone you love them or saying thank you’ to those you interact with. Doing good has a way of impacting your spirit positively.

16. Hum a Tune

When frustrated, you can help yourself by humming your favorite tune or just any tune, even one of your own creation. Listening to yourself hum is interesting, and does interestingly improve your moods. It merits to be one of the best anger management activities.

17. Play an Instrument

Playing your favorite instrument is great for your mental health. They say it improves your IQ. But not only that—it also takes helps relieve your anger by taking your attention from the hurt to the beautiful acoustics you create.

18. Draw a Picture or Write Poem

To vent your anger, you can choose to go artistic. The most other remedies, the moment you redirect your attention from frustrations to something creative like writing a poem or drawing a picture, you receive the treatment you need.

19. Peruse Your Album

It could be photos or your childhood, birthdays, wedding, or that holiday you loved. Take the album and start flipping through if you are angry and the next thing you know you will be smiling, remembering great events. Your anger is long gone.

20. Smile, Smile, Smile

Smile to yourself, smile to other people, smile in the mirror. Smile when you get angry and the anger won’t live in you. Anger hardly moves hand in hand with smile. Chase it away by wearing a smile. Smile.

21. Chew Gum

There is some good science about chewing gum and active brain function for good mood. So the moment you find yourself aggravated and you don’t want to live in it (it hurts), throw some nice tasting gum into your mouth and chew.

22. Clean Something

When annoyed, look around for anything you love and set out cleaning it. Watching something you hold dear shine has a positive effect on the way you think and feel. It could be kitchenware or your good car. You know what you love.

23. Engage Your Pet

There is a reason a pet dog is called man’s faithful friend’. Well treated pets don’t abandon you, even in times of emotional trouble. As such, join your pet when you are angry and before long the pet will help you out. It works like magic.

24. Take a Bath

Bathing is therapeutic. It helps clean the skin, yes, but also the mind. It also has a subtle effect on your emotions. So when you feel frustrated, go for a bath, especially cold. The feeling of freshness will impact your moods positively.

25. Visit the Beach

The shoreline has its own natural way of washing mainland stress and anxieties from its visitors. The sweet smell, awe-inspiring water expanse, and feet caressing sand all work wonders to relieve you from any anger that is your emotional trouble.

26. Watch Wild TV Program

Watching wild animals go on their business—preying, mating, cuddling their young ones, fighting and playing—won’t leave you the way you came. You will learn a lot from how these creations behave. And if you were angry, you will leave it all here.

27. Keep a Journal

To effectively track the improvement (or lack of it) of your emotions such as anger, you can keep a journal for keeping vital records. You can also use the journal for noting down the things that easily aggravate you, as well as the corresponding remedies.

28. Take Lots of Water

Water is a mandatory agent for a healthy and relaxed body. When you are well hydrated, you are less likely to feel restless, and this limits chances of getting angry at the common displeasures of life.

29. Play 

You say play is only for kids and kittens? That’s probably why you are getting old fast. Fun is good for mental and physical health. So play. Play with your spouse, your friends, kids, and your pet. If you are mostly fun-filled, you are less likely to get angry over small or even big issues.

30. Hugs and Kisses

You got annoyed with somebody or something? Go hug someone else you love. Also kiss if you have the privilege. Hugging and kissing stimulates the mind for secretion of pleasure hormones. This could be one of your best anger management activities.


With the above vast and amazing list, you surely cannot afford to hurt for hours and hours when and after you have been frustrated by the vicissitudes of life. Find the appropriate things to do from the above anger management activities that will help you live a satisfying life.

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