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Changes in climate, economic and natural crises are constant reminders of the need for self-sufficiency and self-reliance. We would agree that we cannot be entirely self-reliant, but we could try to support ourselves and our families more. The Lost Ways is one more reminder of the need for adaptation to the changing times. The Lost Ways is a 350-page book by Claude Davis, the owner of, with ancient survival skills on everything from how to store water in the best condition for a long period to how to grow your own wild lettuce and make painkillers out of it.

The Lost Ways available can be gotten from Claude Davis website where one qualifies for a 60-day money back guarantee and other bonus materials and from other sources.

So, what does The Lost Ways offer?

the lost ways

Claude Davis promised that The Lost Ways contained all that one needs to survive the gloom which hovers around the world. According to Claude Davis, the survival strategies and tricks which he shares in The Lost Ways will save one’s descendants from rummaging through garbage as may be the case of children from less-equipped families. One introduction of The Lost Ways describes it as a guide to the ancient ways of survivals which have been tried and trusted.

The Lost Ways offers a lot of survival skills and tips, as described. Claude Davis shared knowledge he gathered on survival from 30 years of being a survival expert. The aspects of survival covered by The Lost Ways are stated below. Each section is dedicated to a particular survival skill.

Water: How to store water in safe conditions for a long period. Claude Davis shares survival tips used by sailors in ancient times to preserve water for long periods. The survival tips shared in this part of the book are essential for periods of drought, natural or manmade disasters.

Safe housing: The Lost Ways, in a section, reminds us that there were houses that stood the test of time and natural disasters before the advent of condos and skyscrapers. A section of The Lost Ways is dedicated to how to build underground houses suitable for up to 5 families: native Americans built these type of underground houses in ancient times.

Food and medicine: Claude Davis dedicated parts of The Lost Ways to survival tips and guides on how to make simple ingredients from readily available materials. The Lost Ways also include tips and guides on hunting and setting traps for animals to be used as food. Claude Davis also includes recipes for making medicinal ointments and materials from herbs. With the reduction in the development of new antibiotics, a section of The Lost Ways reminds America of how native Americans survived before the advancement of medicine.

Security: From his 30 years’ experience and a careful study of the way of native Americans, Claude Davis shares guides and tips on how to survive without bullets. A section of The Lost Ways shares how a group of people that wandered in the West survived when they ran out of bullets.

The Lost Ways Review

Simply put, The Lost Ways presents the lost way: a conservative way of life which is hinged on survival, self-reliance, and sustainability. Several chapters on different sustainable survival skills are presented in The Lost Ways, and it is ultimately a reminder of the ingenuity of our ancestors. This ingenuity led to the discoveries that this modern age is built on, but since this age’s sustainability cannot be guaranteed, it is worthwhile to reconsider those more sustainable survival skills. This is exactly what The Lost Ways does. Claude Davis presents survival tips that have been tested and will come in handy in the advent of natural or manmade crises.

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Ever wondered how dependent you are on modern technology and how you could be less dependent on stuff you know little about and more dependent on your skills and abilities? The Lost Ways gives you a guide on how that could be possible. It is understandable that life wouldn’t allow everyone to be as resourceful in terms of basic survival skills as they would love to be. The Lost Ways provides a comprehensive guide on how to acquire basic sustainable survival skills.

The Lost Ways explains ancient survival tips in a comprehensive guide with replicable steps. The way the ancient survival skills are presented is aimed to inform and equip, essential qualities of any guide. The Lost Ways is also available in both paperback and eBook format, so there is an option for both the hard copy and soft copy lovers.

Survival with The Lost Ways


It is a book

Books are meant to be read and understood, two things that one doesn’t have the luxury for most of the time. If The Lost Ways had video tutorials, it would be a total catch for everyone. Sadly, there are no video tutorials, and one has to read to find those ancient skills and knowledge.

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Some of the skills are not so practical

The Lost Ways presents skills that were used in very different times. The climatic change that has occurred over time that may not make these tips totally replicable are not included. For example, in storing water, the tips provided do not show a consideration of the changes in the environment which may make it unsafe to store water that way.


It takes some commitment to learn from The Lost Ways

Considering that The Lost Ways is a book that teaches survival skills and not tutorials with tricks, it takes some commitment to acquire the skills it describes. Claude Davis developed Thee Lost Ways as a result of his concern for the complacent nature of Americans and hopes to inspire self-reliance. So, it wouldn’t be an easy way out. Moreover, it is popularly known that nothing good comes easily.

The Lost Ways is a must-read for persons who want to develop survival skills and become more self-reliant. Although it would turn you into a survival expert overnight, it is a step in the right direction. And there is the 60-day money back guarantee, so it’s generally a safe option.

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