How to Change for the Better in Your Life

change for the better

How to Change for the Better in Your Life

From the time we are able to think for ourselves, that very moment marks a starting point where we can control our lives. From then on, we continue to face different experiences in life that are a culmination of both the good and the bad. Subsequently, how we react to the good and the bad situations in our lives, leads us down a certain path that ends up being our entire life story. Unmistakably, life is all about choice, and the culmination of all the choices you make go a long way to form a character that you wholly adopt; inevitably, becoming who you are.

In other words, a huge portion of who you are is in the choices you make on a daily basis; and it is these choices that lead to certain actions that you repeat on the regular. But most importantly, your entire personality is governed by your thoughts, and the nature of the inner-working of your brain. After all, the choices you make have to come from somewhere, right?

change for the better

Understanding change

But, even though, your entire life has been dictated by your daily thoughts and the choices you have made on the regular, it doesn’t mean you can’t alter the course of the way things are headed. In fact, the entire concept of life is rooted around change. Change is imminent, and that is the one thing you will have to accept as you try to find reason and purpose for your life. Inevitably, life’s biggest question has always been, how to change for the best. The truth of the matter is, there are times we feel that our lives have headed down a certain path for too long, so much that you want out completely, and start on another path that is happier and fulfilling. That’s the desire to change your life for the best. However, change isn’t sometimes voluntary, and crises of many forms find us, and force us to face the truth about certain issues.

But as obvious and inevitable as change is, not all of us are open to it, even if it is involuntary. Some of you, remain adamant to change, and most of the time, it’s not because you choose to, but because change is hard. Regardless of this fact, what you have to understand is that, change, even in its most gruesome faces, can be used as a stepping stone towards something better. For the negative changes you might face, it usually starts with acceptance. And if you are just tired of the way your life has turned out, and need to make a change for the better, then there are things you can start adopting in your life. Granted, it’s not going to be easy; but if you take the time and the heart to make the following tips/habits meaningful, then change for the better will come easy.

Tips/habits to effect change for the better

Evaluate and re-evaluate yourself


Self-evaluation is the first thing you need to do, in order to change your life for the best one yet. This is the quality of trying to find your true self in the midst of all the mess and confusion that is currently happening in your life. Through self-evaluation, you get to find the key elements, qualities and characteristics of your life and who you truly are inside. In the process, you also find out the different things that truly have meaning in your life, all the while, shedding off the bits and pieces that you do not need anymore. Let’s put it this way, through self-evaluation, you find a sense of belonging, which inevitably propels you to change your life for the better. And in case you feel you are losing touch with your true self, you can always re-evaluate yourself for as long as you need to.

Change the way you think


The first and the most important change you can adopt is intellectual change: the way you think. You need to actively re-wire your brain, so that you can adopt a suitable approach that will provoke the level of change you want your life to take. And the best thing about intellectual growth, is that it never ends; it is a continuous process that you need to work on all the time, till your mind’s perception of things is directed towards what and how you want your life to become. So, give up mindless activities, like watching TV all the time, and start reshaping your mind through a good book. Start putting some thought into what you do at all times.

Be open to new activities

Be open to new activities

Meaningful activities, like regular exercise, not only help you to shape your intellect, but also drive you over the edge to a life of new possibilities. Not to mention, your overall feeling of well-being also improves, and you start experiencing life in a new light. Eventually, you can be guaranteed of a change for the better. With that in mind, you should take up a new exercise routine, like jogging or walking, and stick to it relentlessly.

Forget the past, and embrace the present and future


Forgetting the past here means you let go of the regrets of your past. The transgressions or wrongdoings of your past, are only circumstances that you gave into momentarily, and do not define you for who you truly are. Let them go! It’s a wasteful exercise, to keep on revisiting the past, and it drains you of all the energy and positivity you require to face the present. Eventually, you miss out on the meaningful things that your present and future has to offer. So, in whatever way that works for you, you should wash yourself clean of past mistakes, and embrace the new you, for a happier life.

Face your fears


The thing about having fears in your life is that they have a way of controlling your every action. But your fears are only figments of your imagination, and they only exist because you believe them to be true. And if you want to keep yourself going, and let yourself be open to change for the better, you need to face your fears head on, and get back your power of control over your life. So, dig deep and unearth your life’s horrors, and put them in their rightful place.

Conclusively, you need to be true to yourself, and let your true-self blossom, so that you can come out as a changed person in the end. Remember, it’s going to take a lot of time, so do not be in a hurry to throw everything out the window, least you leave a stone unturned. To change your life for the best one, you know you can have, is hard; but with heart and dedication, you’ll eventually get to where you belong. That’s how you change for the better in your life.

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